Intellectual output No 4

Institutions, implementing the newly developed modules, will need to evaluate the quality of the implementation as well as the students‘ newly gained competences. Hence, we provide a tailor-made evaluation tool. The evaluation tool is based on the Erasmus+ KA2 project entitled „Internal Quality Management: Evaluating and Improving Competence-Based Higher Education“, coordinated by VETMEDUNI Vienna. 

The SOFTVETS Evaluation Questionnaire for Students and the SOFTVETS Reflection Questionnaire for Teachers were developed for higher education institutions that aim at evaluating competence-based courses.

The SOFTVETS Reflection Questionnaire for Teachers can be used in two different ways, either as an additional feedback to the management or as individual reflection for teachers. If the Reflection Questionnaire is used as an additional feedback to the management, the teacher’s perspective complements the students’ perspective, which can be helpful in developing and implementing quality assurance and improvement measures. It is meant to be used as a template and re-designed within the evaluation tool or platform that the institutions are most familiar with.

Intellectual Output 4: Instruction Evaluation Tools

Reflection Questionnaire for Trainees – Template IO4

Reflection Questionnaire for Trainers – Template IO4