Intellectual output No 1

In the following we, as the SOFTVETS consortium, present the competence model for Pan-European soft skills curriculum for undergraduate veterinary education. The competence model was developed by the project members of the

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagreb, Croatia, VEFUNIZG
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation, TiHo
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vetmeduni Vienna
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, UNI-SI
  • Entrepreneurship Center of University of Economics and Business Vienna, WUV
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, Hungary, UVMB
  • The European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education, EAEVE and
  • IVSA – Standing Committee for Veterinary Education (SCoVE)
  • Medizinische Universit├Ąt Wien

PDF Recommendations of soft skills competences for veterinary students IO1

PDF Instruction file IO1

The process of making the new soft skills curriculum begun by producing a document of recommendations about expected soft skills competences veterinary students should acquire by the end of their education at HEI. The competences recommendations were divided in three subsections:

a) interpersonal skills

b) entrepreneurship

c) digital skills

Since there are no similar documents in the European Higher Education Area defined for veterinary students, this document represents the first compendium of desirable competences for veterinary students. It is a broad document that lists desired competences for doctors of veterinary medicine.

This competences document should be suitable for institutions of higher veterinary education in different European countries.