From 3rd to 5th July 2019, the Royal Veterinary College hosted the International Symposium of the Veterinary Schools Council, a friendly, informative and interactive conference known as ‘VetEd’. Over 212 delegates attended from more than 21 countries, which demonstrates a significant growth since the first conference where a select group of 62 from 10 countries participated.

After a productive Transnational Meeting in Ljubljana (1st to 2nd of July), a project member from Hannover Veterinary University, Christin Kleinsorgen immediately flew to Rothamsted, Harpenden in the United Kingdom. There she presented the results of the first Intellectual Output (IO1) at a Poster section. An international audience was able to review the SOFTVETS competence model including a list of 10 communication competences, 9 entrepreneurship competences and 8 digital competences.