We are happy to present you the “HANDBOOK FOR INTRODUCING LIFE SKILLLS TEACHING INTO VETERINARY MEDICAL EDUCATION. Here are a few word on why we wanted to make one.

Why has this handbook been developed?

Veterinary businesses are changing, the world around us is changing. Teaching in medical and veterinary education is also undergoing a period of change.
Traditional approaches, aiming to teach students professional values and behaviors, are being enhanced by curricula designed to support students’ professional identity formation, enabling them
with skills to cope with challenges imposed on them by the ever changing world and the enormous strain the profession puts on them.

According to many surveys, a number of areas that indicate ‘either a lack of awareness or a lack of understanding of the importance of core business, legal and financial matters and skills’
impact veterinary profession and veterinarians’ wellbeing. Public expectations and perceptions need to be understood and managed, and veterinarians need to improve their communication skills in all areas of their business. The online presence and participation in the  virtual market also seems to be underutilized by the profession’. Undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary education should also start focusing on critical thinking, communicating clearly, speaking out on veterinary-related societal issues, increasing leadership and business skills in veterinary undergraduate and post-graduate education. This handbook has, therefore, been developed in order to serve as a guidebook, a beginning for implementing change into veterinary curricula.

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