As part of the regular teacher training series, on the 14th of November 2019 a pre-training session was held at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest.

The aim of the training was to introduce the teachers to SoftVets project and to discuss the prepared competence lists in communication, digital skills and entrepreneurship.

Vice rector Tibor Bartha greeted the participants, then Mira Mandoki told the goals and achievements of the project after the first year. After this lecture the teachers formed focus groups in the three competence areas and talked about the skills, learning objectives and outcomes (LOs) of a chosen field with the help of a moderator from the Hungarian team and a local expert.

The discussion lasted for 2 hours and later the teachers gathered together to listen to each group representative who presented the summary of their discussion.

At the end of the session Mira talked about the “Train the trainer” events of SoftVets which will take place in February 2020 at the implementation partners (Zagreb, Ljubljana and Budapest). Mira emphasized the possibility to participate in the trainings. The interested teachers can travel to the above mentioned cities to get a deeper insight in teaching communication, digital or entrepreneurial skills. The training event was used as a selection process and all the 4 places for each training were taken by the teachers.

The event was very successful as it raised the awareness toward including life skills in teaching and about the SoftVets project.